Customer Reviews

Karina Karina, IMJ-CB-004

 Paula Schertz: "Very beautiful results."  "love this one"

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Iron Mountain Raku Dark, IMJ-CB-002


Paula Schertz: " Leslie, there are a lot of great color interactions going on with this. Love it."

Laura Walters: "Soooo ... silver foil brings out the blues and teals in this one and gives a cool edged effect."

Marion Walter: "Wow, finally got colors from that sample you sent me. Love this stuff now and will be ordering it soon. I used coe 96 clear and lots of frit."

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3 a.m., IMJ-CB-016

Anne Dodd:  "I think this frit is going to be great for the [upcoming] Fall season...beautiful shades of rusts, whites, greens and light turquoise. I liked this frit the best on clear and copper green. It turned a pretty golden shade on the clear along with thin strips of silver foil."  

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Rainbow Sky, IMJ-CB-020

Anne Dodd: " I think this is my favorite. A nice mix of different blues along with earthy Raku..perfect! I liked this frit the best on the medium transparent blue, clear and CIM's Chalcedony test beads..although it really came out nice on all of them!"  

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